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Credit Card Declined

Click2Mail uses various fraud detection security systems to verify that the card is being used by an authorized user. Some of these methods include Address Verification Systems (AVS), Card Code Value (CCV) and other hidden Fraud Alert Systems.

AVS - Address Verification Service
The Address Verification Service (AVS) is a security system designed to combat one of the most common forms of online credit card fraud. AVS compares the billing address information provided by the customer with the billing address on file at the customers credit card issuer. The credit card processor receives an AVS response code and then either accepts or declines the transaction according to configured security settings.

Card Code Verification (CCV)
A customers card code is a three or four digit security code printed on a credit cards signature panel in reverse italics, or following the full number on the front of the card. Similar to AVS, Card Code Verification (CCV) compares the customers card code with the card code on file at the credit card issuer. The credit card processor receives the card code verification response code from the customers bank and either accepts or declines the transaction according to configured settings. Since the card code should only be known to the person in possession of the physical credit card, these additional numbers provide an extra measure of security against unauthorized credit card transactions.


When a Credit Card is declined for security reasons (AVS or CCV problems) your bank will still place a Pre-Auth hold on the funds submitted.  Declined Pre-Auth holds affect the holders account in the same manner as an authorized charge, meaning they WILL reduce the amount of available credit, however they will be released by the issuing bank in 1 to 7 days depending on the individual issuing bank's policys.  Click2Mail has no ability to release these Pre-authorizations, however we are happy to provide any documentation that the customer may need to get the authorizations removed prior to them automatically aging off the account.

If your credit card is declined, STOP and contact us! Multiple attempts to authorize a charge WILL cause multiple Pre-Auth HOLDS to be placed on your account funds!

Here are a few reasons that a credit card may be declined.

The Credit Card Payment gateway will reject a card if:
1. Customer typed in the wrong Credit Card # or expiration date.
2. Billing address entered is different from the billing address on the credit card.
3. AVS is not supported by the card issuing bank.
4. Address information for cardholder is unavailable or not on file.
5. Lack of funds available on account.
6. NON-US bank cards will be rejected.
7. Gift Cards will be rejected since they have no AVS security features. 

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