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Email to Mail Error: At least three lines required

Error: At least three lines required.

What it means: There are not enough rows in your recipient address block. For Email to Mail orders, address block rows are created by commas that segment address components in the subject line. You need at least a recipient line, address line, and city state zip line. Example:

Carly Brown; 4520 Plank Rd; Fredericksburg VA 22407

Corrective action: Correct the address and resend the Email-to-Mail message.

Available actions from the email to mail error log:

Click "Modify Address".  Evaluate the address so you can reformat it with 5 or fewer address lines. Adjust the address and click "OK".

Then, go back to the action menu and click "Resend". The original email to mail message will be reprocessed.

If you don't want to correct and resend the message, click "Cancel" to remove the error from the email to mail error log. Cancel can be found in the action menu.

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