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How can I obtain discounted postage rates?

The USPS gives mailers postage discounts for presorted mailings.  These discounts are based on the concept of work sharing.  Presenting presorted mail that meets automation and barcode requirements enables bypass of one or more of the Postal Service's sorting operations.  This bypass represents savings for the USPS in processing costs and forms the basis of the discount that's passed on to mailers who present mail meeting these requirements.

To obtain presort rates, mail must be sorted by ZIP Code, bundled, labeled and trayed (letter mail) or sacked (flats).  There are very specific requirements for packaging, labeling, traying and sacking.  Automation discount requirements include such things as placement of the recipient address, barcode positioning, ancillary endorsement, mailpiece size and weight, move updates for address changes and CASS certified address standardization.

There are numerous requirements that must be met for mail pieces to qualify for automation and barcode discounts, but there's no reason to be intimidated.  Click2Mail's easy to use interface makes it easy for you to take advantage of discounted postage rates without doing anything but uploading.

If you have any questions, please contact Click2Mail Customer Support at  866-665-2787 or  Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM Eastern. 

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