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Subscribe to a Previous Order

Subscriptions are only available for the New Movers mailing lists.

Log in to your Click2Mail account. After logging into your account, mouse over the Mailing List Services tab and click "New Movers List" or "Prior Week New Movers List".

The mailing list center will open in a separate browser window. In the Options tab, click "Previous Orders".  


A window displaying your previous orders opens.

Select an order to subscribe to.  You can only subscribe to completed orders that have been processed.  Click the Order # of the particular order to subscribe to.  


Information about the order displays. Click the List #.


Click "Subscribe to this Search".  


A window for creating a new subscription opens.

Specify the following:

Contract #: Enter a value of up to 30 characters (optional).  If you leave this field blank, the system will automatically generate a value after the new subscription is saved.

Subscription Description: The system displays your user name and search number as the default.  To use a different search description, enter a value of up to 30 characters.  It's helpful to give the search a meaningful name that will make it easier to identify in the future.

Subscription Period:  Specify how long the subscription lasts.  Enter the start and end date in mm/dd/yyyy format or use the calendar in selecting dates.  The current date is set as the default in the Start field.  If you choose End By without specifying a date, the subscription will continue and will end only after cancellation.

Instead of entering a date in the End By field, you can also end your subscription by entering the number of occurrences that must be satisfied before a subscription ends in the End After field.  This is appropriate if your subscription runs every time there is an update.  However, you can end your subscription only by either the End By field or the End After field and not by both.

You also need to specify the number of occurrences that must be satisfied before the subscription ends.  Enter a value in the End After field.

Subscription Frequency:  Specify how often you will be informed of updates.  If you choose either of the first two options, namely the option based on weeks and the option based on months, set the frequency and time interval between each occurrence.  If you choose either of these options, you will have to wait for the subscription run on the scheduled date.  Therefore, even if the data file is already updated after the date you started subscribing, no subscription run will occur.

Select the third option, namely the option based on updates, if you want to receive subscription information after an update, or a specified number of updates have occurred.  If you choose this option, you can immediately have the first subscription run as soon as an update or updates to the data files are done.

You can specify a tolerance period.  The tolerance period is the period within which a subscription should be rerun, in case the scheduled run did not complete successfully or was not implemented.


Subscription Type:  Select the first option if the subscription is to be fulfilled automatically.  If you need to approve each of the subscription orders before they are fulfilled, select the second option.

If you select the first option, you will receive an email each time a subscribed order is fulfilled.

 If you select the second option, you will receive an email each time a subscribed order is ready for approval.  Ignore the email if you do not want the order to be processed, or click the Unsubscribe link to discontinue the subscription.

 If you want to approve the order, click the link to create the order.  This will direct you to a ListKey window where you can approve the subscription.

 You will receive an order confirmation email before your subscription completes processing.

You will have to specify your valid email address (in step 5) to receive all subscription-related emails.

Subscription Qualifiers:  Specify the records you want to receive.  Select ""Fulfill new records since last file update"" to receive records since the system was last updated.  Click ""Fulfill new records since last subscription"" if you want records across multiple updates since your last subscription.  Select ""Use Count"" if you want to receive updated records based on the duration of time  you have specified for your search.  For example, if you indicate the duration of time as fourteen days then you will get updated records for the last fourteen days.  This option does not include the results of previous updates or subscriptions.

To avoid getting duplicate records, make sure that the date you specify is less than or equal to the frequency at which the subscription runs.

In the ""Fulfill my subscription only if the record total is between:"" field, specify a range.  This range defines the number of records required for the subscription fulfillment to happen.  That is, if the start-of-range value is greater than the total number of records, no subscription update will occur.  If the total number of records is greater than the end-of-range value, the subscription or order fulfillment will be reduced to use the same value.

Subscription Status:  Select this check box if you want to be notified of your subscription status.  For example, if your subscribed order is currently being processed or if it is put on hold for some reason.  The notification will be sent to the email you will specify in step 5.


Date Usage:  Specify how many times the data is to be used.  Select ""Use One Time"" if data is to be used once.  Select ""Use Multiple Times"" if data is to be reused.

In the email address section, enter your email address to receive subscription notification and confirmation email.

If you want to assign the subscription to another user, enter the user's ID in the Subscribe For field.  Otherwise, leave it as is.

Review the Media Output and Shipping Address / Method.  Default information is based on the information in your account preferences.

Modify the information by clicking the "Change" button in the corresponding section (optional).

To edit the media output, click "Change".  The Format Selection windo opens.

To edit the shipping address or method for the subscription, click "Change".  A window for specifying the shipping information opens.

Specify how the subscription is to be paid.  The default method is the one specified in the search when it was run.  To change the payment method, click ""Change"".  The Payment Information for Subscription window opens.  Select an option, fill in any required information and click ""Save"". 

Read then accept the terms and conditions in the license agreement by selecting the license agreement check box.

Confirm the new subscription by clicking "All information is correct. Process subscription now".  


A dialogue box opens.  Click "OK" if you want to receive the initial subscription order based on the current records in the data file.  If you want to start your subscription during the next update of the data file, click "Cancel".

The window for creating a new subscription reappears.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Click2Mail Customer Support at 866-665-2787 or

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