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Generate PDFs on a MAC that will work with MailJack+

The Apple OS-X Macintosh operating system uses a PDF generation method that in not compatible with MailJack Plus.  When defining the location of the address when creating a MailJack Plus template, the address will fail to parse correctly and cannot be used   Even applications with their own PDF generators like Microsoft Word will create PDF’s that may fail.

Using a high quality industry standard PDF Writer like Adobe Acrobat will provide good results but many of these products are costly.  Since PDF generation has been part of Mac-OS for a long time there are not the variety of PDF Writing options you see for PC’s.

PDF-Writer from Lisanet is FREE and will create PDF’s that will work well with MailJack Plus.  It bypasses  and replaces the troublesome “Ghostscript” PDF generation technique that Apple uses.  You can download this utility from here: 

After you install PDF-Writer and set it up as a print driver, you will select it as a printer whenever you want to create PDF’s you want to upload to MailJack Pro.  The files are saved in /Users/Shared/PDFwriter/<your user name>.  This folder is often hidden so you may need to unhide it.  You can then drag it to the right-hand end of your doc for easy access. 

Setup of this utility can be tricky especially when you must define the print driver.  If you follow the included directions, it should work fine.  There is an improved version of this utility posted on Github which will automatically install the print driver but I have not tested it yet.  Click on the printer icon on this page if you want to install this version:

Select the PDFWriter print driver whenever you want to create PDF’s you use with MailJack Plus.  Upload the PDF file generated in /Users/Shared/PDFwriter/<your user name> and you should have no problems extracting the address from the PDF when you create the template or use the file to produce mail.  It is also possible this PDF-Writer can fix of other common complaints about Mac generated PDF’s though more testing is needed to confirm.    

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