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Enable / Disable Auto Recharge of User Credit

You can enable or disable auto credit reload from your Credit History page.


1. Start by logging in to you your Click2Mail account. Then, click "Credit History", located in the menu on the left.

2. Click "Prepaid Credit Options", located on the right-hand side of the interface.

3. Enter a dollar amount in the "Credit Goes Below" fields. Don't include a dollar sign.

4. Toggle "Enable Auto Credit" to the right. The toggle will turn green to indicate that auto credit is enabled. Select or enter a card you want to use for the auto credit reload. 

5. Enter a recharge dollar amount. Do not include a dollar sign. Then, click "Save", located in the bottom left of the Prepaid Credit Options window.

6. You will receive an email receipt when the auto reload occurs.

7. You can disable the auto reload by coming back to Prepaid Credit Options and sliding the toggle next to "Enable Auto Credit" to the left. The toggle will turn grey when auto credit reload has been disabled.

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